I create designs for businesses, marketing materials, websites, murals and much more.

In many ways I work as a graphic advisor. Often times you don’t know exactly what you want, or you may have an idea of what you want, but there are certain aspects of a design that aren’t working. I come with a clear perspective and do good research on what people want to see or how people will react to a design and I search for the desired outcome, whatever it may be, and proceed to push the design in that direction. In this way I will challenge you a little on certain aspects of the design, but not to a point of difficulty. The result is that you get good advice on what I feel would work best for your design, and yet you can make it whatever you want it to be. So whether you have no idea what you want, or you have it exactly as you want in mind, I can make it for you and even improve on your ideas.

My Workflow:
1. Pre-Design Brief with you (by email questionare)
2. Company Research & Design Development
3. Draw Mock-ups
4. Create Drafts (sent by email, wait for client approval, proceed to final)
5. Final Design (output to Formats requested)
6. Sent to you Online & or Print (Client will be responsible for all printing costs)

Anything you can dream of… I can create… email: to get my rates or fill out my contact page.

I’m located in Phoenix Arizona and I can do work with any english speaking person or establishment anywhere on the globe.

  1. creeasian says:

    tugeye lets get you in Canada already

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