Randy Barton (aka Randy Boogie)
Tribe: Dine / Navajo
Born on May 17th, 1979 in Tuba City, Arizona
Educated at Arizona, Collins College of Design & Technology

I started crafting my visual art skills from a very young age. I was first introduced to graffiti art at age 6 and have been interested in b-boy street art ever since. When I was in high school, I spent most of my time drawing characters and graffiti letters with colored markers. The community started recognizing my skills in the summer of 1997. This landed me many jobs in my local areas painting graffiti murals and doing graphic design for a local clothing company. My public art gained recognition by everyone in my small town of Winslow, Az, and i started freelancing for a few businesses. These opportunities expanded my horizons in the realms of Graphic Design.

Aside from pursuing visual art, I also taught b-boy (breakdance) classes and provided DJ’ing workshops as well.

Things were going very well at home, but I soon needed more inspiration to nurture my artistic growth. My next step was leaving my hometown to attend the Collins college of Design and Technology in Tempe Arizona. The most valuable part of my education was learning design principles and color theory. These were the key tools that i needed in order to refine my raw talent to take my work to the professional level. During my digital art studies, I also became interested in painting with acrylics and experimenting with many other different types of of mediums, such as oils & mixing house paint with sand. I graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in the fall of 2002. Afterwards, I managed print shops and freelanced as a conceptual artists for an invention company.

Presently, I am a full-time artist involved in many projects.

Performance Bio:

Randy Boogie is a multi-disciplined designer, painter, DJ, photographer, live artist & music producer who utilizes 15 years of experience as a DJ to entertain crowds of all genres. Starting out as a b-boy he found the love for hip-hop in 1986. In 1993 he started DJ’ing house parties & school dances. Years later he began to write rhymes & dig for records. It wasn’t until 1997 that Randy B. finally bought a pair of turntables & started promoting b-boy battles which re-evolutionized the hip-hop scene in Northern Arizona.

Foundations of Freedom was born…

In 2002 he released a string of epic styled mixes & started sprinkling the promotional cd’s within the local hip-hop scene located in the four corners area (Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado & Utah). In 2004 he moved to San Francisco and became 1/2 of the production team known as the Style Renegades.

Since 2004, Randy B has captured the attention of legends such as Phase 2, B-Boy Remind, DJ Q-bert, pop-master Fabel & many more nationwide.

In 2007, Randy B’s visual style was a combination of urban and pop art. He created on canvas or wood with acrylic paint, Marsh 99 ink, spray paint, and many mixed media ingredients. That summer you could find him painting live almost everday of the week at various elite nightclubs and eateries, such as E-4, Myst, The Crown Room, and Caf’e Carumba in Old Town Scottdale, Az.

Today you can find Randy-B still creating…!!!

– Sickest in the Southwest Tour (Az/Nm)
– Second Saturday’s Art Expo (Nm)
– Style Matrix 1 & 2 (Az)
– Solo Rock 2000 (Az)
– Build ya’ skillz (Az)
– Skool Yard Skolars 1 & 2 (Oakland, Ca)
– Above The Clouds (Oakland, Ca)
– The Good Foot (Nm)
– National B-Boy League (Az)
– Street Rythms (Az)
– Ceremonial Elements (Az)
– Expand Your Horizons (Az)
– Soultapp Sundays (NM)
– Love Deluxe (NM)


– Catalyst (San Francisco, Ca)
– 2232 MLK (Oakland, Ca)
– Sound Garden (Albuquerque, Nm)
– the Brickhouse (Phoenix, Az)
– E4 (Scottsdale, Az)
– Acme (Scottsdale, Az)
– Martini Ranch (Scottsdale, Az)
– the Loft (Tempe, Az)
– Club Lava (Flagstaff, Az)
– Pussy Cat Lounge (Scottsdale, Az)
(too many to list)


– Foundations Of Freedom – The Emergence (2006) [FOF Records]
– The Style Renegades – Above The Clouds (2007) [The Style Renegades,LLC.]
– The Style Renegades – Winter Soulstice EP (2007) [The Style Renegades,LLC.]


– DJ Randy B – Existdance (2002)
– DJ Randy B – Soul Circle (2002)
– DJ Randy B – Ladies Night (2003)
– DJ Randy B – Crunk Funk (2003)
– DJ Randy B – Sickest In The Southwest (2003)
– DJ Randy B – Boogie Boy Mixtape (2004)
– DJ Randy B – Chill @ Will (2005)
– DJ Randy B – Ultra Lounge Promo ( 2007)
– RandyBoogie – House Made Of Dawn (2010)
– RandyBoogie – On a Sunday Afternoon (2011)


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